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About Us

D.P. Autio Co. is an ornamental plastering company and artist in the construction industry. Our firm provides preservation of older buildings, churches, and townhouses. We primarily work with architectural plaster details that have been damaged and need to be restored in the greater Boston area; however, our work can be done anywhere.

A Life In Construction

In business for more than 30 years, our founder has been doing this type of architectural work since the early 80's. Our owner worked in the construction industry during high school and college but didn't think his professional life would be spent in this area of work. After he found a series of post-collegiate office jobs unfulfilling, he went back into construction, starting with general contracting roles for painting and carpentry, then discovering the world of ornamental plastering.

Dome and Ceiling Molding

Ornamental Plaster

Shortly after his return to the industry, a friend was starting an ornamental plastering business and needed assistance. He asked our founder to temporarily join his team for a project and ended up being there for over three years. He found ornamental plaster rewarding, something he became passionate about and wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Motivated & Young At Heart

When you love what you do, it keeps your young at heart. Our owner's chosen career motivates him and his team to do a great job every time.

The Client Is Our Boss

You are our boss, and we'll keep you involved throughout the process, letting you know the daily schedule and what to expect for completion of work. Restoration can be a lengthy process, so keeping you in the loop is our privilege.

Mission Statement

To provide expert service and create lasting relationships with our clients. We value integrity, diligence, and complete client satisfaction. 

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Member of the Littleton Historical Society